How To Make AdMob Account And Create AdMob ID For Online Earning

AdMob can be used for Android and iOS apps. AdMob Account allows developers to monetize their app(s) by displaying in-app ads from other advertisers.

You can set filters to ensure the ads being displayed are relevant to your app users. You also have control over the types of ad formats you allow.

To create AdMob Account we need a Gmail Account first, if you don’t have one go here and Create Your Gmail.


  • When you Gmail Account is created go to Admob WebSite.
  • An click “Sign up for AdMob”.

  • Sign-in With your Gmail Account :

  • Enter Your “Country” , “Time Zone” and your “Billing Currency” most importantly Currency :

  • Check “I Have Read And …” and Click “CREATE ADMOB ACCOUNT”.

  • Check All “YES” and Click “CONTINUE TO ADMOB”.
  • Wait until Admob Create Your Account.

  • Now Your ADMOB is Created And READY to USE.


  • To CREATE Unit (Banner) ID Click “GET STARTED” :

  • If You published Your App in Google Play or App Store click “YES” if not Click “NO” :

  • Choose And Enter Your Application Name, select platform “Android” And Click ADD :

  • Now Your Application ID is Created :


  • Click “NEXT: CREATE AD UNIT” :

  • Now Choose Which Type of ADS UNIT you want to use in your Application :
  • Choose one and Click “SELECT”  :

  • Choose Ad unit name “Name your Banner” :
  • And Click “CREATE AD UNIT” :

  • Your Ad Unit Successfully Created and Ready to use on your Android Application :
  • Click “DONE” :

AdMob Account

I hope that’s Clear & Simple.

Next Time we will Add those Units (Banners) to our Android Application, Until thenhave a good time.

Android Dev

Android Developer.

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