Customize Your Application Using Theme Editor

Android Studio has a dedicated theme editor, which allows you to preview your theme and modify it visually.
When you open a style or theme resource, you will get a banner across the top of the XML editor, offering to open the theme in the theme editor:

Theme Editor

  • Clicking the “Open editor” link in that banner will bring up the Theme Editor tab:

If the style resource does not define a style being used as a theme – as is the case with the Styled sample app, you wind up with read-only, way of seeing how colors and settings in the theme will affect the action bar (“app bar”), buttons…

  • If you open the Theme Editor on a style resource that is being used as a theme, you may get a preview of that custom theme:

  • In places where you have overridden certain colors, such as the android:colorPrimary attribute for a Theme.Material-based theme.
  • you can use a color picker to replace that color with a different value:

  • As the dialog notes, if you change the color in the dialog, the Theme Editor will update the associated resources to match, and show you the revised value in the preview:

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