Learn How To Add Google Fonts To Android Application

Customize Your Android Application Fonts by using Google Fonts library, Currently there are 902 fonts available at Google.

Go To Google Fonts Website And download your FAV font :

  • I choose “Anton”, you can choose what you want and click “+”.

  • Click ” Download ” to download Zip File.
  • Extract The File and Copy the ttf File :

  • Create New Android Resource Directory :

  • Choose Name ‘font’ and Type ‘font’ then click ” OK ” :

  • Paste Font File in font directory :

  • Rename The font File ‘Don’t use uppercase or -.(/ only simple names’ :

  • Rename and click “Refactor” :

  • Use this line in the textview where you want to change Font :
  • android:fontFamily=”@font/font”

fonts android

  • As you can see the ” Name ” Font changed.

I hope that’s Clear & Simple.

have a good time.


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Android Developer.

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