Make GIF Images with PHOTOSHOP

Most of Photoshop users don’t know that they can make GIF Images, for that reason we will make a simple example to show you how.

To do that go Photoshop and click ” File > New “.


  • Choose 512*512 px as Resolution for your Image (you wan choose any resolution you want).

  • Click Open and choose a Background.

  • Drag Background to your new project.
  • For Resize the Image Click Ctrl+T.
  • Hold shift key down and drag corners to resize object to keep aspect ratio the same.

  • Add Text.

  • Choose Color.

  • Create a New Layer.

  • And make Selection under the Text to Draw a mini Background.

  • Select Color and Draw.

  • Reorder And make that layer under the text with 60% Opacity.

  • Go to ” Window > Animation ” .

  • Hide The Text.


  • Go to Animation panel and click ” Duplicate The Selected Frame “.

  • Make the Text Visible.

  • Click ‘ Tweens Animation Frames “.

  • Frames to add : Number of Frames/s, Less Frames Fast Animation.

  • The Result.

  • You Can play The Animation by Clicking on ” Plays Animation “.

  • Now to saw your Image as GIF, go to ” File > Save for Web & Devices … “

  • Select GIF and click ” Save ”
  • Choose Name And Save .

  • Voila, your GIF Image is Ready.


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