Change Java Class Header in Android Studio

You want to make your own amazing signature in every Java Class you create ?

Well, You came to the right place.

To do that you need to start your Android Studio project. If you don’t know how please go here.

  • Go to ” File > Settings… ” OR ” Ctrl+Alt+S “.


  • Then Go to ” Editor > File and Code Templates > Includes > File Header “
  • And Copy / Modifie this code to the Form in the Right “5”.
  • You can add me variables if you want to you will find them in the ” Description ” Form like Package Name an more .
#set ($USER = "Your Name")
#set ($COMPANY = "Your Company Name")
#set ($EMAIL = "Your Email")
#set ($WEBSITE = "Your Website")
#set ($AnyName = "Any Thing")
 * Created by ${USER} on ${DATE}.
 * Company : ${COMPANY}
 * Email : ${EMAIL}
 * Website : ${WEBSITE}
 * ${AnyName}


  • Click Ok.

Now you have your own java class signature, you should try it now by creating a new java file.

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Android Developer.

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