How to Create Rounded Corners On Images With Photoshop

In this Post you are going to learn how to create rounded corners on images with photoshop which can be a great effect to add to any photograph or Image.

  • To do that let’s create or open a new photoshop project :

  •  Choose Width and Height then click ok :

  • Now, select the “Rounded Rectangle Tool” in the menu on the left :



  •  In the menu at the top select the “Shape layers” icon.
  • To the right of this you will see a radius option. You will need to experiment with this until the shape has the rounded edges you want.

  • As you can see 10 pixels is not enough, but when we try 35 it looks good.
  • Click and drag the shape :

  • Now open the image that you want to edit.
  • File > Open :

  • Choose your image and click Open :

  • Choose the “Move Tool” then click and drag the image to our rounded corners project :

  • Drop the image above the shape :

  • Result :

  • Now right-click on the image and click ” Create Clipping Mask ” :

  • Great, Now your image have Rounded Corners :

Rounded Corner

I hope that’s Clear & Simple.



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